Wake Not A Sleeping Wolf

  · My turtle laid an egg last night

My turtle laid an egg this morning and idk how to take care of it (never raised turtles before) so (when I found it it was already dry) I took it very carefully outside in the back, making sure the side that was up is still up and buried it in a little hole next to mama turtle (one she’d dug) and then took the turtles outside where she could do the rest of her stuff. I didn’t notice she was still busy doing that stuff and had been bringing them in again at night to keep them away from black and brown widow spiders but I guess that was very poor judgement on my part.

All well, so long as turtle mama is doing well and is healthy enough, there will be other eggs in the future and I can brush up on research on how to take care of egg situations hahaha XD for now i’m just not gonna mess with them today.

(She’s been eating worms and the fruit I give them and she still hangs around the water bowl I leave out so I don’t think she’s ill, she doesn’t appear ill though both my turtles sleep around a lot, the lazy asses. If the egg survives, it survives. If not, all well. it was just round one this season and if turtle mama is well, that’s all that matters. there’ll be others in the future and I’ll recognize the signs better next time around and know better how to act. At first I considered just burying the egg in the box and leaving it inside but then i remembered how COLD it gets in the house cause of the AX, cause it’s the middle of august, the hottest month of the year. So I figured it would be better to put it outside where it can be heated by the sun and give it a fighting chance IF it’s even alive. these turtles had been through a lot in their young lives so I wouldn’t be surprised if the egg wasn’t even alive to begin with. We’ll just see, 2 1/2 months from now haha I feel like such a horribly ignorant person ^^”)

Are there any carnivorous therio-types out there who prefer vegetarian diets instead? If so:

-how do you go about doing it?

-Were you vegetarian before or after you awoke?

-Is/was it hard for you to continue being vegetarian?

-Do you ever get urges to eat meat because of your therio-type?

-Do you have any methods or tips for others who may be considering a vegetarian diet but may find it difficult due to their therio-type?

-Ways they can transition over from one to the other easily?

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Grey Wolf by Harsha Jayawardena



55556.01 Acer platanoides by horticultural art on Flickr.

☽♡☾ Pagan, Viking, Nature and Tolkien things ☽♡☾


By John Hyde


A gray wolf runs down in a hill in Hayden Valley, Yellowstone, by rwarrin.


Yazhi and Kenai, playing, from the Oregon Zoo.


Yazhi playing in the snow at the Oregon Zoo.


Another wolf… (by Tambako the Jaguar)

GOOD NEWS: Got a lot done this weekend. almost finished with some art projects of mine, getting ready for another semester of school, got my ear pierced again (ouch haha) and bought some organic raspberries at the farmers market the other day and CAN’T STOP EATING THEM OMG!! (so tasty X,3)

BAD NEWS: I seem to be losing followers recently D8 I don’t much mind usually but I just wanted to check and make sure things are going okay with everyone. Hope I’m not doing or saying anything disapproving. I’d feel so bad if something I posted is driving people off :,(

Otherwise things are going pretty nicely on my end and I hope everyone here is doing well as well :)


  · Quick PSA


If you identify WITH an animal, you are animal-hearted. 

If you identify AS an animal, you are a therian. 

If you identify AS something nonhuman, you are otherkin. 

If you identify WITH something nonhuman, we’re still looking for a term for you. (If anyone who has been in the community for a while knows the term for this, please let us know).

  · Rosemary and Quartz Cleansing Shower/Bath


After a rough couple of weeks, I decided I could use a cleansing ritual. Just wanted to get all those bad vibes off, ya know? Since I have a lovely little Rosemary plant growing right now, I made use of it’s purifying and cleansing properties.

What You’ll Need:

  • 2 Sprigs…


The best protest sign in history.

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