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please tell me that there are otherkin who fully accept that they’re human.

if there aren’t then i’ve lost more faith in the world.

It’s not hate. and yes, there are PLENTY of kin out there who understand and wholly accept they are human, were born human, and think/act human. Being otherkin/therian does not change that fact, nor do we deny the obvious. In most cases otherkin is a spirituality, a life path, not a dysphoria like many on the internet like to try and make it into. There is a vast difference between a dysphoria and spirituality and that is where the sub-cultures and communities clash and fight.

You are not alone.


Otherkin is a description applicable to people who believe themselves to be partially or entirely non-human. They believe that they are, in spirit or mind,[2] not human. This is explained by some members of the otherkin community as possible through reincarnation, having a nonhuman soul, ancestry, or symbolic metaphor.[1] 


otherkin is a cool concept but like saying things like “witchkin” and “angelkin” or “godkin” is not okay and it’s culturally appropriative to many religions

I fully agree with this statement right here and I agree there needs to be some form of open education on the differences. It’s highly disrespectful to cultural practices and beliefs. It’s lumping ideas and ideals which don’t belong with one another. It’s assumption without validation.

"Don’t be ashamed of a scar, it proves that you are stronger than what tried to hurt you"
- My therapist (via flouerscent)

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